Why Us?

Power Trade is provider of algorithmic trading alerts for buying and selling of stocks. Over the period of last 10 years, the average return of these alerts is 28.5% per year while comparable benchmark have yielded a mere 18.2% return. Thats more than 2x the performance as shown in the performance comparison chart on this page. We are offering this service on a 2 MONTHS FREE TRIAL.

Our Strategy
Investment is a continuous and principled effort. We do not make any promise that you will be rich overnight. People who try to do that fail miserably. Instead we focus on strategies which have been time tested again and again. These strategies build equities gradually and in a systematic manner trying to reduce the equity risk. Please note that no strategy and investment is risk free.
What do we do differently?
Our strategies are based on buying and selling of stocks guided by our innovative algorithm suggesting good entry and exit points. While many other services provide only buy or sell signals, we provide both alert price and trade transaction size. A user can also configure the rate at which he/she wants to invest.

Our strategy is very simple to follow and convenient for people who want to know what to buy, when to buy and how much to buy. Stock alerts can be delivered via our Android App and/or via emails. No more need to periodically check the stock screens. Once an action has been taken or you are no longer interested in an alert, simply delete the alert and wait for next alerts.
We regularly publish our performance numbers based on hypothetical account using the system generated product alerts against S&P 500 benchmark for comparison purpose. Please note that these performance numbers do not include trade commissions into calculations and historical performance is not an indicator of future performance.

No contract / 2 Months Free Trial
We believe that you want to test our alerts before paying for subscription. Thats why our service comes with 2 months free trial. If you cancel during free trial period, there will be no charge. After trial period ends, our memberships are charged on a monthly basis. There is no yearly contract.

Disclaimer: Power Trade is not an investment adviser, brokerage firm, or investment company. Use of computer generated trading alerts does not guarantee performance of investment success. Past investment performance is not an indicator of future investment performance.