We have 2 standard products and a custom watch list tool. Our innovative Algorithmic Alert Generating System has been exceeding in performance compared to S&P 500 benchmark index as shown in comparison chart . When an alerts is generated, a notification email is sent out to users. Alerts can be also be accessed via our app - Download App

Top Leaders

This product includes alerts generated on stocks which are among the largest US companies and are leaders in their sectors. These companies have proven long term track record.
12 Months Return: 16.0%
Diversified Growth

This product includes alerts on large number of mid-large size companies which are closely followed by most investor having positive earning growth for the most recent quarters and have adequate liquidity as measured by price and volume.
12 Months Return: 25.2%

Custom WatchList Tool

Included FREE for all of our members. You create a custom watchlist by adding stocks of your own choice and our proprietary algorithm will provide buy and sell indicators on these stocks with trade amount size based on your alert settings.

Included FREE

Disclaimer: Power Trade is not an investment adviser, brokerage firm, or investment company. Use of computer generated trading alerts does not guarantee performance of investment success. Past investment performance is not an indicator of future investment performance.